De vrouw van Abut, Ketut, speelt spelletjes met de kinderen.

Abut shares his story - covid-19 in Bali

Hey Abut, how are you? Hello Lotte, I am fine thank you

How is your family? My family are all well, 

Are they in good health? Yes they are all healthy, and yours?

We are all healthy as well. I hope Putu and Made, your two sons, are not too boring, being at home all the time. How do you entertain them? Yes they feel boring, while they are at home. I do some lesson to them about what they got from the formal school and i also do some games so that they feel happy to stay at home with the family.

What does your day look like now? While you have to stay in the house. Yeah everybody feels boring to stay at home but this is called an epidemic. I use this time more with family activity to fill it up day by day.

Can you tell us, how is the situation in Bali? The situation in Bali right now is that is is more quiet. The people lost their job cause almost all the companies are closed

Do you know how many coved-19 cases you have? From the news on the television in Bali they say 19 people got infected. Most of them are strangers and the people who work at the cruise ship (or people work abroad). The total in Indonesia is about 7.800 people are infected and about 600 people are recovered already.

Do you know people who are infected? For while i don’t know the name of the people who are infected because they are quarantine in Denpasar, from my village there are 3 people infected most of them just come back from the cruise ship and now they are in the hospital Denpasar Bali.

What is the situation in Samuh and the area at the moment? The situation in Candidasa now is almost look like we celebrate the Silent day, no activity, no people hang around and also no activity for the young kids at the village (like football or volleyball). The rule from the government is that we are not allowed to do activities outside with other people, not to interact with other people. If we are in violatIon we have to pay or the government will put us in jail. the police are very active to check the activity of people all around the village

Do you get support from the government? For a while now we don’t get support from the government.

What was the support? What do they give you?  Last time, about 2 weeks ago we only got 5 kilo of rice, but i don’t know exactly if it is from government or from the rich people in the village. Here everybody feel that It is very difficult to stay at home. Here in our village mostly it is a poor situation, people work as fisherman or work in the fields. They still do their work. They said to stay at home and not to do something, nobody will get the food. They feel they have to do something. 

Is it sufficient? For me it’s not suffcient

What do you think will be the situation in the coming months in Bali; June, July, august? I think this epidemic will go on along this year

Do you know people that are suffering from the situation? For while i don’t know who they are because everbody infected should stay in the hospital Denpasar and also people who work abroad they should stay in quarantine in denpasar first. In the village people are suffering because they can not work.

Can you tell us about their struggle? Here we cannot do anything about the covid19, they only stay at the special hospital in Denpasar.

What do you think our Foundation can do for people in Samuh? For this situastion i think it is good to share basic food {Rice,vegetable, eggs} and health equipment(hand sanitizer,masker,disinfectant). For the people who are underprivileged or lost their job. In Bali we get less support with things like that.

You are in the council of the village now, right? What do you discuss there? Can you share that with us? Here with some people we try to make a proposal to send to the government to ask the support. Support like food and the tax (electric payment, transport tax ect. Hoping for less payment while this situation is still here) because here almost all people lost their job. 

Do you have some words of hope and wisdom? We hope we get support to stay safe at home so that this epidemic will end soon …

Our thoughts are with you and your family. Hope everyone will remain safe and healthy.  I hope the same for you.

I hope we can meet again soon. Yes, me too.