Francis shares his story - covid-19 in Malawi

Dear Francis, first of all I want to ask, how are you? I am fine and you

I am also good, thank you. How is your family? The whole family you know is doing well and no one is complaining at all about life.

What has your government done so far as it comes to the spread of COVID-19? So far the only thing the government of Malawi is trying to do is to enforce a lockdown so that people are restricted from movement. Furthermore, they are also spreading information so that people can follow all the necessary measures to prevent the spread and contact the virus while they are at home

How many people in Malawi has been affected so far? As of today April Day of 21 the following were the statistics from the government though we are not sure the reality of these figures



​​​​​TOTAL DEALTH ​​      3



Do you know anyone who have been affected may be a friend of family member? Yes. A friend of me was working in Chinese shop as a Shop Controlling Officer

Are you able to go out and get supplies for your family? Yes. From the nearest local few shops.

What are your worries at this time? The lockdown will make people to be much poorer. The poverty level will be too much and as result people will die due to hunger not due to the current world disease. People are not supported while they are in lockdown houses even those in isolation. Most work in Malawi are hand to mouth jobs for short period which is difficult for one to serve money and survive the whole lockdown period. Most people here depend on daily activities and business’ profits to support themselves and families on daily basis which definitely these people will starve and be poor.

Some shops have taken advantages of raising prices of necessaries so that they can make profits hence making life hard

The equipment for testing is not up to standard which makes so many of us not to believe the statistics given by the country. This may leave so many people living with the virus in our community but we may not be aware because most of the signs this virus is showing has been there before with other local diseases. And due to poor health facilities, clinics and hospitals have been lack of medication even before the virus, so the major worries will be a lot of people definitely will be dying without knowing that it is the world pandemic disease. We have so many worries that can take us for some hours.

Do you know how many people are suffering worldwide crisis? As of today April Day of 21 the following were the statistics I know about people suffering worldwide crisis

TOTAL CONFIRMED CASES          2, 638,852

TOTAL RECOVERY  ​​  722,039

TOTAL DEALTH ​​​  184,248


In what ways do they struggle? People affected by this disease have got so many struggles. Of course what I can tell you is what I see but I can’t ask him because to us it’s difficult to contact him.

– Lack of accessing appropriate medication

– Failure to get support from the family members and even the government

– Staying in isolation may lead to loneliness and lack of basis necessities may depends the disease further than its extent

What do you predict will be the situation in the months to come in Malawi? A lot of people will be affected a lot. We may not know and for sure the figures of affected people will square rapidly and we may not know. Politicians will also cause lots of fear and take advantage of this to get votes which at the end lots of people will die if we won’t be careful

What is your opinion what we can as a Foundation? Of course the foundation has got its own mission statement and motto that lead to its existence. But this time education in Malawi is suspended and I would love the foundation do something if it can be flexible.

I would love for the foundation to shift its focus now. It should assist those close to the foundation financially during the lockdown. The financial support with approximately two funds.
1. they support those people close to the Foundation so that these people can do life supporting activities whilst in there respective home.

2. and buy basics needs in this period because we may not know when this period will end.

Who are you thanking in this period So too here, Like you said Lotte, much respect is going to the nurses though they are not fully supported by the government. That leads to Nurses and Doctors to go on strike and left so many patients in government hospitals unattended. Medical stuff is not enough, nurses are working with poor protective clothes, which put their life at risk of contactingthe virus. No allowances and some incentives to motivate them. But those in private hospitals are working tirelessly thus why most of them are abeing thanked for.

Thanks for your time Francis. Thank you Lotte, Wishing you all the best and good health to you all.